Darlene Ahlberg
"Our school was not 'shopped' to lots of different buyers. Bailey Routzong was able to identify up front the buyer that was the best match for our school."
     Darlene Ahlberg  |  Garner Preschool  |  Alameda, CA
Belvin Smith
"The Bailey Routzong group was excellent to work with and I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their school business. Their ability to sell my real estate added significant value to the total transaction."
     Belvin Smith (ten centers)  |  Creative Day Schools  |  Southeastern U.S.
Dot and Jay Ahuj
"It was great to work with a firm that really understands your business."
     Dot and Jay Ahuj  |  Smaller Scholars Montessori and Elementary  |  Houston, TX
Gary and Eldon Mohler
"After building a business for 20 years, we decided to sell and Bailey Routzong did exactly what they said they would and on a timely, organized basis."
     Gary and Eldon Mohler (seven centers)  |  Children's Social Learning Centers  |  Vegas, NV
Jane and Jim Flanagan
"Bailey Routzong's knowledge of how to financially structure the transaction insured that we received maximum value with minimum tax impact."
     Jane and Jim Flanagan  |  Flanagan's Preschools (two centers)  |  Greater Philadelphia, PA Market
Lisa Liang
"Bailey Routzong showed us how to receive more value for our business and real estate than we thought possible."
     Lisa Liang  |  The Honor Roll Schools (Private Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary School)  |  Sugarland, TX

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