Wesley Simmons

Director of Client Advisory Services
Since joining Bailey Routzong as the Director of Client Advisory Services in 2011, Wesley Simmons has proven instrumental in achieving added value for his clients. Through effective management and marketing solutions, Wes provides Bailey Routzong’s clients with the necessary expertise to position their schools business and related real estate for premium marketplace value — whether owners seek to sell their business, raise capital by selling their real estate, grow and expand their business, or plan for their eventual exit from the business.

With his extensive experience working in the private preschool and K-12 industry, Wes has a thorough understanding of educational philosophies, national accreditations, and many other important aspects of private school operations.

Prior to joining the Bailey Routzong team, Wes was the principal of a private K-12 school in upstate New York for seven years, then later served as the marketing and admissions director for a private K-12 in Bryan, Texas. He also took his expertise international to Southeast Asia where he successfully grew a K-6 school as the Director of Marketing.

Most recently, Wes served as an Operations Consultant for one of the nation’s largest private school operating companies where he was tasked with supporting the owners of 18 franchised preschools with over 3,000 students in Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

Edward A. Routzong

Senior Partner

As Senior Partner and Co-Founder, Ed Routzong currently works with a select group of clients in a consulting role due to his wealth of knowledge and experience in planning and managing highly successful exit strategies since 1994 for Bailey Routzong clients.

In his efforts to improve the lives of children across the country, Ed has volunteered for many child-related organizations at the local, state, and national level. He also continues to serve as a featured speaker at many educational conferences nationwide.

A long-time veteran of the school industry, Ed has more than 30 years of professional experience. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ed served as vice president of operations for a major preschool company, where he was responsible for the operation of 200+ schools. He has also owned and operated seven Houston-based schools, a majority of which were NAEYC accredited.

In 1994, Routzong and Dean Bailey co-founded Bailey Routzong. Prior to his current consulting role, Ed served as the Director of Bailey Routzong’s Brokerage Division. In this capacity, he was responsible for the sale of more than 200 schools, plus the sale or lease of those schools’ related real estate. Through his tenure at the company, Ed successfully managed the sale of more than 300 individual school businesses and the lease or sale of the related real estate, totaling over $1 billion in transactions.

As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Bailey Routzong, Dean Bailey expanded the company’s real estate activities by focusing his decades of development experience to create the School Development Services Division, which he now oversees. This division acts as a full-scope development advisor for national and regional operators desiring new school locations and facilities across the mainland U.S.

With his in-depth knowledge of school financial metrics and community demographics necessary to support a successful operation, Dean sources the highest quality location and constructs a prudent project budget to help maximize the operator’s success with their new school.

Dean has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in real estate, construction, finance, and development of worksite and community childcare facilities. He began with his own commercial real estate firm and added property management and construction divisions over the years. He also built a company that developed over one million square feet of building space with a market value of almost $100 million.

In 1994, Dean turned his focus toward the education industry, continuing his success. He teamed up with Ed Routzong to facilitate Bailey Routzong’s services in school business brokerage and related real estate activities. The company quickly grew to its industry-leading status by completing the sale of school businesses and real estate valued at several hundred million dollars.

Connie Magee

Director of Operations
Connie Magee joined Bailey Routzong in 1997 as Administrative Manager before advancing to her current role as Director of Operations. Her keen organizational skills and ability to manage complex tasks under pressure positions her as an invaluable asset to the team.

Connie oversees the accounting, technology systems, contracts, and administrative affairs of the company. She also directs and manages the Research Department and plays an intricate role in marketing management for the company.

In her largely internal role, Connie ensures that the entire administrative function strategically aligns with supporting the operation and purpose of all divisions of Bailey Routzong to deliver excellent service to its clients.

Connie pulls from years of administrative experience, having started her career in 1985 as an Executive Secretary that was quickly promoted to Regional Manager over five locations of a prominent insurance company. She later moved into the field of real estate management, where she handled administration for her team overseeing 15+ residential and commercial developments.

Sheroz (Rose) Renteria

In her role as Client Advisory Coordinator, Rose Valliani supports the Director of Client Advisory in developing business and real estate valuation analyses.

By providing exclusive marketing packages to buyer prospects and offering in-depth valuations to clients, Rose plays an instrumental role in producing the necessary information and analysis for a successful transaction. Additionally, her attention to detail and organization skills enable her to develop a trusting relationship with Bailey Routzong’s high net-worth clients.

Rose brings more than five years of commercial real estate and investment valuation experience to the table. Her ability to work under pressure while balancing many competing priorities allows her to quickly solve problems, provide timely analyses, and collaborate with all clients. She obtained her Real Estate License in 2017 and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston.

Before joining Bailey Routzong, Rose worked in various roles over the years within marketing, client services, and investor relations — expertise she now utilizes at Bailey Routzong to help grow the company and qualify new sales opportunities.

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