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Building Back Enrollment and Value after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Preparing Now for Success Later


Bailey Routzong Teams with consultant Julie Bartkus

joining forces to assist school business owners re-start their businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused most school owners anxiety about the future; therefore Bailey Routzong, in continuing its mission of the past 26 years to assist family owned school businesses, has teamed with consultant Julie Bartkus of Child Care Business Success to provide resources to school business owners to successfully recover from the current economic strains.  Whether your school business has been closed due to recent mandates or due to low attendance, we are ready to help you restart your business and gain back your lost revenue, plus more!

Steps to Building Back Your Business and Value

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School owners are understandably dealing with anxiety and feeling a bit overwhelmed by recent events. Some owners are concerned about the future and how or if their business can recover.

Julie Bartkus, an internationally known speaker, author, and child care industry mentor, has assisted school business owners in the growth of their business for over 20 years.  Julie understands the stress involved in school ownership and can provide proven methods on how to obtain and retain qualified staff, grow enrollment, and increase your revenue as quickly as possible.

This conversation with Julie is at “no cost” and will provide owners with the tools necessary to move forward through a genuine crisis situation for privately owned school businesses.

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The consequences of school closures by governmental mandate ironically provides school owners with a unique opportunity to revisit and review their business operations and make changes now that will create a positive impact on the profitability of their business long-term. Bailey Routzong is available for a “no cost-no obligation” consultation with school owners to provide financial and business guidance to improve and enhance your school business profitability and value.

Bailey Routzong is an expert in the education industry with over 90 years of combined school experience. We have coached school business owners through the shock period of 9/11 and the “Great Recession” of 2008, and we are ready to assist school owners in the best practices of school operations to reclaim any business value loss and enhance your profitability going forward.

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