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Bailey Routzong is the No. 1 specialist in school industry properties in the U.S. working with school owners and landlords, as well as investors.

Real Estate Services

Our clients include real estate owners and investors who want to leverage our resources and experience to get the maximum lifetime value of their school business real estate properties. Our real estate advisory services include:

  • Property Sales  Maximizing market value for our clients’ properties.
  • 1031 Exchanges  Defer tax on the sale and reinvest those tax dollars for your financial benefit!
  • Sale/Leaseback  Sell real estate and enter a long-term lease, releasing real estate equity for use in business

do owners, landlords, tenants, developers, and investors use Bailey Routzong’s real estate services?

they know Bailey Routzong maximizes the value of their interest in any school real estate scenario!

Here’s One Way We Add Value for Property Owners

It comes down to our working relationships with national operators and real estate investors. Often, when a school owner sells his business and related real estate, as much as two-thirds of the total sale value comes from the real estate itself.

We match the school business with a large, established national school operator who becomes the lessee (tenant) of the real estate. We then sell the real estate to institutional investors who place a premium marketplace value on the existence of the large school operator tenant (premium rent amount, strong credit tenant, low default risk). The value to the investor of having a premium-rent paying tenant with excellent credit is transferred to our client in real dollars often hundreds of thousands above the value of the property without such a strong tenant in place!


Client Testimonial 1-2Jim & Marlane Spencer
"Several years ago, when Bailey Routzong sold our school businesses (4 Montessori preschools and elementary / middle school), we decided to keep 3 of the 4 buildings and lease to our business buyer. However, after a couple years of being the landlord, we realized that our long-term financial plans were full of uncertainty.
If I kept the leases a few more years, my property values would start to decline as the leases had fewer years of rent remaining, my tenant was not a strong credit rated company, and I really did not want to face selling these properties when the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods had aged further."
     Jim & Marlane Spencer |  Flagstaff, AZ
Client Testimonial 1-3Rhonda Hatfield
"Through Bailey Routzong's guidance, detailed planning, and knowledge of the national school real estate market, we were able to sell our properties at an above-market value, allowing us to free up our equity for use in our retirement.
Bailey Routzong is a highly professional, knowledgeable firm I would certainly recommend and a true blessing to our family."
     Rhonda Hatfield |  Louisville, KY
Client Testimonial 1-4Robert & Sherry Johnson
"Bailey Routzong's expertise in the industry helped renegotiate the lease and market my school property. As a result, I was able to obtain full value and extract all the equity out of the real estate."
     Robert & Sherry Johnson |  Dallas, TX Metro Area
Martin Brill, CEO, The Compass SchoolsMartin Brill
"Our ownership group’s strategy in utilizing the sale-leaseback was to reduce personal debt from the business while increasing our liquidity — plus, the real estate will not be an obstacle to buyers if we decide to exit the business."
     Martin Brill, CEO, The Compass Schools

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