Why Bailey Routzong

Since 1994, for-profit school owners have trusted their life’s work and legacy to Bailey Routzong when they reached retirement age or were ready to move onto another business venture. Our responsibility to our clients is to provide owners with the most current and accurate information regarding the school industry and their specific marketplace.

Bailey Routzong draws from 25 years of experience working nationwide with a multitude of buyers from a local, regional, and national scale.

The Bailey Routzong Process

The smartest way to sell your school business is to understand the marketplace. We spend time evaluating your school business operations, the related real estate, the immediate market area, your current competitors, and potential future competitors.

Using this knowledge and our experience with industry buyers, their strategic plans, and the current marketplace valuation metrics, our team of specialists are able to determine the value of your school business and related real estate within a margin of what buyers will pay.

The Bailey Routzong Difference

Bailey Routzong has worked hard to be the leader in our industry. We established our company to assist school business owners in receiving the best value for their career, and — in most cases — life’s work and legacy.

We understand the threats to school business owners (i.e., legislative changes, market changes, and new competition) and how these threats affect our clients’ business value.

Bailey Routzong is not a traditional commercial broker that takes listings and hopes for the best. We educate our clients on what to expect in the sales process and work with them throughout the entire process and transaction closing.

See What Some Clients Are Saying About Bailey Routzong

Client Testimonial 1Ashley M.
"A potential buyer had approached me about buying my schools, but we could not come to an agreement on terms that worked for me. That’s when I reached out to Bailey Routzong who negotiated $1,000,000 more in sales value! They guided the process and all the parties to complete the transaction. I couldn't have done it without Bailey Routzong. They were more than worth the fees involved."
     Ashley M. |  Dallas, TX
Client Testimonial 3Theresa L.
"We are very happy with the buyer you sourced and feel they are the best cultural fit for our school, and as you know, that was an important part of our decision to sell. Bailey Routzong got us the best terms possible. We couldn’t have gotten such a great deal without your representation. From start to finish, you and your team paved the way for a successful transaction."
     Theresa L. |  South Carolina
Client Testimonial 5John Frere
"Having previously sold one location, it was clear to me that I needed someone between the buyer and myself to take the emotions out of the sale. Having an experienced broker made all the difference in getting the deal done and smoothing out the wrinkles that inevitably come with transactions. I would highly recommend Bailey Routzong for anyone contemplating the sale of their childcare business."
     John Frere |  Chicago, IL