Discover the Bailey Routzong System

The Smartest Way to Sell Your Schools and Continue Earning Income

Bailey Routzong’s exclusive 5-Step Profit Maximizing Process is unparalleled in the industry. It equips us with the right data to tailor a custom strategy uniquely designed to maximize your selling price and long-term residual income.


generate premium value

increase value of real estate

continual income

  • Step 1. Pre-Planning

    Get a Preview of Your Post-Sale Spendable Income

    The proven Bailey Routzong System enables you to get a reliable preview of your post-sale spendable income based on the value of your school, the premium price Bailey Routzong can help you achieve, the tax-advantaged transaction opportunities, and your client-exclusive investment opportunities.

    Selling your school does not mean the end of your income when you work withBailey Routzong and our proven system to turn your life’s work — your school business and related real estate assets — into your target spendable income during retirement.

  • Step 2. Generate Premium Value

    Get the Maximum Price for Your School Business

    Bailey Routzong works directly with top national buyers who are willing to pay a premium — on an all-cash basis — for the school businesses we recommend.

    The primary reason for this premium is simple: After working withBailey Routzong for more than 20 years, they know our selective process and that when Bailey Routzong brings a company to their attention, they can trust the facts and figures we’ve laid out. In essence, we decrease the unknowns and risk for them. In turn, the buyers we work with are willing to pay an all-cash premium for our clients’ school businesses.

    In the majority of cases, local or regional buyers are simply unable to pay the same amount for a school business as our national-level operators. Having a national school business operator purchase your school also increases the value of your real estate.

  • Step 3. Increase Value of Real Estate

    Get Maximum Lifetime Value From Your Real Estate Assets

    Whether you prefer to retain full or partial ownership, we are experts at increasing the value of your property to maximize your total benefit from the asset.

    If you intend to sell your real estate, Bailey Routzong’s national reach and resources attract large real estate buyers who are willing to pay a premium marketplace value.

    If you maintain ownership of your real estate assets, Bailey Routzong can assist in negotiating premium lease terms, which provide continued long-term income.

  • Step 4. Tax-Advantaged Transaction

    1031 Exchanges — Tax Savings for Reinvestment to Increase Income

    A tax-advantaged transaction allows you to maximize the amount of money you are able to re-invest into income-producing assets after the sale of your real estate.

    The correctly executed tax-advantaged transaction can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes by allowing you to roll 100 percent of the proceeds of the sale of your asset into a larger cash flow producing real estate asset. It is a proven component of the Bailey Routzong system.

    The savings and capital leverage realized through 1031 exchanges and other tax-advantaged strategies often change our clients’ lives — and certainly the quality of their retirement years!

  • Step 5. Continual Income

    Continue Building Income After the Sale of Your School Business

    The ability to continue earning your target spendable income after the sale of your business is the basis of the Bailey Routzong system.

    So often, school business owners hang on to their business past the point of enjoyment — and certainly past their planned retirement age — because of the fear of what to do next. Once the business is gone, where will their income come from? The bailey Routzong system — every part of it — was strategically designed to address this issue. Our national resources, all-cash national buyers, tax-advantaged strategies, and Bailey Routzong client-exclusive investment opportunities are all in place to create the ideal system for school business owners.

    The Bailey Routzong system is now a proven system whereby school business owners reap the maximum lifetime value from their school business and real estate assets and can continue increasing their income post-exit.

Since 1994, we have sold businesses and related real estate with value in excess of $800 million … more than any other firm in the industry.

Darlene Ahlberg
"Our school was not 'shopped' to lots of different buyers. Bailey Routzong was able to identify up front the buyer that was the best match for our school."
     Darlene Ahlberg  |  Garner Preschool  |  Alameda, CA

You spent your life building your business. Now get the most out of it!

Selling your school does not have to mean the end of your income. Bailey Routzong’s proven system turns your life’s work — your school business and related real estate assets — into your target spendable income during retirement.

bailey routzong nationwide school sales

All-Cash, National Buyers, Unmatched Resources

We bring to the table national buyers who pay premium marketplace value on an all-cash basis.

We offern unmatched levels of experience, expertise, and resources.


  • Darlene Ahlberg
    "Our school was not 'shopped' to lots of different buyers. Bailey Routzong was able to identify up front the buyer that was the best match for our school."
         Darlene Ahlberg  |  Garner Preschool  |  Alameda, CA
  • Belvin Smith
    "The Bailey Routzong group was excellent to work with and I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their school business. Their ability to sell my real estate added significant value to the total transaction."
         Belvin Smith (ten centers)  |  Creative Day Schools  |  Southeastern U.S.
  • Dot and Jay Ahuj
    "It was great to work with a firm that really understands your business."
         Dot and Jay Ahuj  |  Smaller Scholars Montessori and Elementary  |  Houston, TX
  • Gary and Eldon Mohler
    "After building a business for 20 years, we decided to sell and Bailey Routzong did exactly what they said they would and on a timely, organized basis."
         Gary and Eldon Mohler (seven centers)  |  Children's Social Learning Centers  |  Vegas, NV
  • Jane and Jim Flanagan
    "Bailey Routzong's knowledge of how to financially structure the transaction insured that we received maximum value with minimum tax impact."
         Jane and Jim Flanagan  |  Flanagan's Preschools (two centers)  |  Greater Philadelphia, PA Market
  • Lisa Liang
    "Bailey Routzong showed us how to receive more value for our business and real estate than we thought possible."
         Lisa Liang  |  The Honor Roll Schools (Private Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary School)  |  Sugarland, TX
  • "The Bailey Routzong team has in-depth knowledge of our acquisition criteria, which significantly improves the likelihood of structuring a transaction. It's a real plus to work with professionals having hands-on knowledge of school and preschool operations."
    V.P. Strategic Development of a Leading Company in the Private Education Industry
  • "When Bailey Routzong submits an acquisition opportunity to our company, we know that all the pertinent information will be organized and presented in a manner that facilitates an effective evaluation and prompt response. We will continue to look to Bailey Routzong as the priority source in our acquisition efforts."
    President of a Leading Company in the Private Education Industry

Why would a school business or real estate owner accept anything less?