Client Testimonial 1Ashley M.
"A potential buyer had approached me about buying my schools, but we could not come to an agreement on terms that worked for me. That’s when I reached out to Bailey Routzong who negotiated $1,000,000 more in sales value! They guided the process and all the parties to complete the transaction. I couldn't have done it without Bailey Routzong. They were more than worth the fees involved."
     Ashley M. |  Dallas, TX
Client Testimonial 2-2Theresa Byrne
"When I needed to sell, I looked to Bailey Routzong because of their in-depth school industry experience. They didn't disappoint as they found an ideal buyer particularly suited for my Reggio Emilia school, which requires a lot of specialization. Wes found a successful Reggio school operator looking to expand and I found my match, and they paid all cash for our business and real estate.
We gladly recommend Wes and the team at Bailey Routzong to other school owners who are looking for an ideal successor to their school business."
     Theresa Byrne |  Prospect, KY
Client Testimonial 3Theresa L.
"We are very happy with the buyer you sourced and feel they are the best cultural fit for our school, and as you know, that was an important part of our decision to sell. Bailey Routzong got us the best terms possible. We couldn’t have gotten such a great deal without your representation. From start to finish, you and your team paved the way for a successful transaction."
     Theresa L. |  South Carolina
Client Testimonial 4Jay & Sherry Hall
"BRCA added value to the sale of my two schools leading up to and every day of the process through closing. Their years of experience in the industry, knowledge of the market and relationships of the highest quality and integrity made all the difference for us. Our experience with the team at BRCA was nothing less than exceptional!"
     Jay & Sherry Hall |  Dallas, TX
Client Testimonial 5John Frere
"Having previously sold one location, it was clear to me that I needed someone between the buyer and myself to take the emotions out of the sale. Having an experienced broker made all the difference in getting the deal done and smoothing out the wrinkles that inevitably come with transactions. I would highly recommend Bailey Routzong for anyone contemplating the sale of their childcare business."
     John Frere |  Chicago, IL
Client Testimonial 1-4Robert & Sherry Johnson
"Bailey Routzong's expertise in the industry helped renegotiate the lease and market of my school property. As a result, I was able to obtain full value and extract all the equity out of the real estate."
     Robert & Sherry Johnson |  Dallas, TX Metro Area
Martin Brill, CEO, The Compass SchoolsMartin Brill
"Our ownership group’s strategy in utilizing the sale-leaseback was to reduce personal debt from the business while increasing our liquidity — plus, the real estate will not be an obstacle to buyers if we decide to exit the business."
     Martin Brill, CEO, The Compass Schools
Client Testimonial 6Bob & Ginger Shaw
"After 30 years in business, employing hundreds of talented and dedicated childcare professionals and after caring for, educating and helping the families of thousands of Portland, Oregon children, my wife and I decided it was time to let go, kick back and smell the roses.
Bailey Routzong provided invaluable input and guidance when it came time to locate a qualified buyer. Wes Simmons and his team got the job accomplished with tremendous professionalism, knowledge and, above all, empathy.
Relaxing just days after the sale closed on the Canal du Midi in France. Life is good!"
     Bob & Ginger Shaw |  Chicago, IL MSA
Client Testimonial 1-2Jim & Marlane Spencer
"Several years ago, when Bailey Routzong sold our school businesses (four Montessori preschools and elementary/middle school), we decided to keep three of the four buildings and lease to our business buyer. However, after a couple of years of being the landlord, we realized that our long-term financial plans were full of uncertainty.
"If I kept the leases a few more years, my property values would start to decline as the leases had fewer years of rent remaining, my tenant was not a strong credit-rated company, and I really did not want to face selling these properties when the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods had aged further."
     Jim & Marlane Spencer |  Flagstaff, AZ
Client Testimonial 1-3Rhonda Hatfield
"Through Bailey Routzong's guidance, detailed planning, and knowledge of the national school real estate market, we were able to sell our properties at an above-market value, allowing us to free up equity for use in our retirement. Bailey Routzong is a highly professional, knowledgeable firm I would certainly recommend and a true blessing to our family."
     Rhonda Hatfield |  Louisville, KY
Darlene Ahlberg
"Our school was not 'shopped' to lots of different buyers. Bailey Routzong was able to identify up front the buyer that was the best match for our school."
     Darlene Ahlberg  |  Garner Preschool  |  Alameda, CA
Belvin Smith
"The Bailey Routzong group was excellent to work with and I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their school business. Their ability to sell my real estate added significant value to the total transaction."
     Belvin Smith (ten centers)  |  Creative Day Schools  |  Southeastern U.S.
Dot and Jay Ahuj
"It was great to work with a firm that really understands your business."
     Dot and Jay Ahuj  |  Smaller Scholars Montessori and Elementary  |  Houston, TX
Gary and Eldon Mohler
"After building a business for 20 years, we decided to sell and Bailey Routzong did exactly what they said they would and on a timely, organized basis."
     Gary and Eldon Mohler (seven centers)  |  Children's Social Learning Centers  |  Vegas, NV
Jane and Jim Flanagan
"Bailey Routzong's knowledge of how to financially structure the transaction insured that we received maximum value with minimum tax impact."
     Jane and Jim Flanagan  |  Flanagan's Preschools (two centers)  |  Greater Philadelphia, PA Market
Lisa Liang
"Bailey Routzong showed us how to receive more value for our business and real estate than we thought possible."
     Lisa Liang  |  The Honor Roll Schools (Private Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary School)  |  Sugarland, TX