Sheroz (Rose) Renteria

Client Advisor

In her role as Client Advisor, Rose Renteria works directly with clients to achieve maximum value for what is generally their largest asset, their school business, and its related real estate.

Rose plays an instrumental role in identifying and vetting possible buyers and representing her client’s best interest in completing successful transactions that benefit the client. Her more than five years of commercial real estate and investment valuation experience and ability to quickly identify solutions to transactional details provide unprecedented value to her clients.

Rose obtained her Real Estate License in 2017 and bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston in 2021.  Her tenacity and experience in the industry drove her promotion from Transaction Coordinator to Client Advisor.  Before joining Bailey Routzong, Rose worked in various roles within marketing, client services, and investor relations — expertise she now utilizes at Bailey Routzong to help grow the company and assist clients in reaching their goals.


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