When should I sell my school business? Can I afford to sell my business? How can I make sure I receive the maximum value from the sale of my business and related real estate?

These are the questions many school business owners consider as they near retirement. Bailey Routzong is hard at work helping prospective clients answer the above series of questions well before the decision to sell is made.

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Ed Routzong and Dean Bailey started the business in 1994 with the resolve to help family-owned school operators realize maximum financial reward for what they built throughout their career. Over 300 individual schools and related real estate lease and sales transactions later, we have delivered $1 billion in sales value to our clients.

If you are not sure whether Bailey Routzong is the best fit for your business, here are some benefits of working with our team:

Preview Your Post-Sale Spendable Income

Selling your school does not have to mean the end of your income. We work with school owners turning their school business and related real estate assets into spendable income either for retirement or for a new venture. Bailey Routzong enables you to get a reliable preview of your post-sale spendable income based on the premium marketplace value we can help you achieve.

We Bring All-Cash Buyers to the Table

Bailey Routzong represents family-owned school operators presenting their life’s work to top national buyers who are willing to pay a premium — on an all-cash basis — for the school businesses we recommend. These buyers know our work in the industry and trust the facts and figures we present.

We decrease the unknowns and risks for our clients as well as the prospective buyers. In turn, the buyers are willing to pay an all-cash premium for our clients’ school businesses and related real estate. In most cases, local or regional buyers are simply unable to pay the same amount for a school business as the national-level operators.

Receive Maximum Value for Your School Business

Often, when school owners sell their business and related real estate, as much as two-thirds of the total sales value comes from the real estate. Our specialists, using the proven Bailey Routzong system and our working relationships with national operators and investors, know how to maximize the value of your school business and related real estate.

Having a national creditworthy, established school business operator purchase your school business increases the value of your real estate. If you maintain ownership of your real estate assets, we can assist in negotiating premium lease terms, which provide continued long-term income.

We Support You Before, During, and After the Sale

Often, school business owners retain their business past the point of enjoyment because they fear the unknown of what is next. Once the business is gone, where will your income come from?

At Bailey Routzong, we do not view client relationships as a “one-off” experience. We are here for you prior to a sale, during the sale, and after the sale. With our national resources, all-cash buyers, and tax-advantaged strategies, we offer the ideal system for school business owners.

Ready to learn more about our services? Let us develop a financial strategy tailored to your business and retirement goals. Contact us today to schedule a confidential discussion with our team.

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