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Why Bailey Routzong

Since 1994, for-profit school owners have entrusted their life’s work and legacy to Bailey Routzong when they reached retirement age or were ready to move onto a new venture. Our commitment to our clients is to provide owners with the most current and accurate information regarding the school industry and their specific marketplace.

Nationwide Coverage

Bailey Routzong draws from 30 years of experience sourcing buyers from a local, regional, and national scale.


  • A potential buyer had approached me about buying my schools, but we could not come to an agreement on terms that worked for me. That’s when I reached out to Bailey Routzong who negotiated $1,000,000 more in sales value! They guided the process and all the parties to complete the transaction. I couldn’t have done it without Bailey Routzong. They were more than worth the fees involved.

    Ashley M.

    | Dallas, TX
  • Bailey Routzong added value to the sale of my two schools leading up to and every day of the process through closing. Their years of experience in the industry, knowledge of the market and relationships of the highest quality and integrity made all the difference for us. Our experience with the team at Bailey Routzong was nothing less than exceptional!

    Jay & Sherry Hall

    | Dallas, TX
  • We are very happy with the buyer you sourced and feel they are the best cultural fit for our school, and as you know, that was an important part of our decision to sell. Bailey Routzong got us the best terms possible. We couldn’t have gotten such a great deal without your representation. From start to finish, you and your team paved the way for a successful transaction.

    Theresa L.

    | South Carolina

You spent your life building your business.
Now get the most out of it!

Selling your school does not have to mean the end of your income. Bailey Routzong’s proven system turns your life’s work — your school business and related real estate assets — into your target spendable income during retirement.