Connie Magee

Director of Operations

Connie Magee joined Bailey Routzong in 1997 as Administrative Manager before advancing to her current role as Director of Operations. Her keen organizational skills and ability to manage complex tasks under pressure positions her as an invaluable asset to the team.

Connie oversees the accounting, technology systems, contracts, and administrative affairs of the company. She also directs and manages the research department and plays an intricate role in the marketing department for the company.

In her largely internal role, Connie ensures that the entire administrative function strategically aligns with supporting the business operation and purpose of all divisions of Bailey Routzong to deliver excellent service to its clients.

Connie pulls from years of administrative experience, having started her career in 1985 as an Executive Secretary that was quickly promoted to Regional Manager over five locations of a prominent insurance company. She later moved into the field of real estate management, where she handled administration for her team overseeing 15+ residential and commercial developments.


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