L. Dean Bailey


As a Co-Founder and Partner of Bailey Routzong, Dean Bailey expanded the company’s real estate activities by focusing his decades of development experience to create the School Development Services Division, which he now oversees. This division acts as a full-scope development advisor for national and regional operators desiring new school locations and facilities across the mainland U.S. With his in-depth knowledge of school financial metrics and community demographics necessary to support a successful operation, Dean sources the highest quality locations and constructs a prudent project budget to help maximize the operator’s success with their new school.

Dean has more than 40 years of entrepreneurial experience in real estate, construction, finance, and development of worksite and community childcare facilities. He began with his own commercial real estate firm and added property management and construction divisions over the years. He also built a company that developed over one million square feet of building space with a market value of almost $100 million.

In 1994, Dean turned his focus toward the education industry, continuing his success. He teamed up with Ed Routzong to facilitate Bailey Routzong’s services in school business brokerage and related real estate activities. The company was quickly the industry leader in the sale of school businesses and their related real estate.


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